About us

About Us

PT. Atlas Pacific International (API) is a leading provider of comprehensive flooring solutions in Indonesia.

Established in 2011, we initially focused on the distribution of Dramix Steel Fiber by Bekaert, laying the foundation for our expertise in the flooring industry.

Our journey

Our journey took a significant turn in 2014 when we partnered with Australian-based company Ancon Beton. This collaboration allowed us to consult and transfer technology for Flat Floor applications, including the distribution of Somero Laser Screeds and Allen Engineering Construction Equipment.

Establishing A Partnership

In 2015, we further expanded our reach by establishing a partnership with Canadian-based company Bartell Global for the distribution of Surface Preparation Equipment under the brands Bartell Global, SPE, and Innovatech. That same year, we also joined forces with USA-based company Marshalltown for the distribution of Professional Grade construction tools.

As we evolved, we recognized the opportunity to leverage our extensive experience in equipment distribution to transition into contracting. This strategic shift allowed us to offer end-to-end flooring solutions, from consultation and design to installation and maintenance.


Our pursuit of innovation led us to become the exclusive partner of Hengelhoef Concrete Joints (HCJ) Solutions. Specializing in expansion armored joints for industrial floors, HCJ's patented joining solution, the Cosinus Slide® joint, has been hailed as a game-changer in the industry. By combining the Sinus shaped upper wave with a unique load-bearing capacity technology, the Cosinus Slide® joint has redefined the way load transfer is realized in industrial flooring. This partnership has further solidified our reputation for quality and innovation, making projects more cost-effective while enhancing the durability and functionality of industrial floors.


While specific partnerships may have evolved over time, our commitment to delivering high-quality flooring solutions remains steadfast. We continue to enhance our expertise, expand our capabilities, and foster strategic alliances to meet the evolving needs of our clients. With a focus on polished concrete, overlay/underlay, floor repair, and restoration, API has become a reliable and trusted partner for all flooring needs in Indonesia.

Industry Leader

Through deliberate and strategic growth, from equipment distribution to becoming a full-service flooring contractor, we have solidified our reputation as an industry leader. Our unique journey and diverse experience are what set us apart, making us a preferred choice for flooring solutions.


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2011 - Foundation:

Established PT. Atlas Pacific International (API).

2012 - Strategic Product Introduction:

Began distribution of Dramix Steel Fiber by Bekaert in Indonesia.

2014 - Innovation & Collaboration:

Partnered with Australian-based company Ancon Beton, representing them in Indonesia.

2014 - Exclusive Distribution:

Became the exclusive distributor of Somero Laser Screeds and Allen Engineering Construction Equipment in Indonesia through our partnership with Ancon Beton.

2015 - Expansion & Diversification:

Strengthened our portfolio by collaborating with Bartell Global, a Canadian leader known for its distinguished brands: Bartell, Morrison, SPE, and Innovatech, specializing in surface preparation, grinding, polishing, and construction equipment.

2015 - Professional Tools Partnership

Joined forces with USA-based company Marshalltown for Professional Grade construction Tools.

2020 - Game-Changing Partnership:

Became the exclusive partner of Hengelhoef Concrete Joints (HCJ) Solutions in Indonesia. Introduced the patented Cosinus Slide® joint technology.

2022 - Brands' Inception:

Transitioned into contracting with Ultrafloor, offering tailored flooring solutions.

Today - Path to World-Class Excellence

Continuously working to enhance expertise, innovate, and expand capabilities. Committed to becoming the leading world-class provider of cutting-edge flooring solutions in Indonesia.

Core Values



Integrity forms the bedrock of our identity, rooted in Commitment, Responsibility, Honesty, Trust, and Respect.



Success is a shared journey, driven by Profitability, Leadership, Determination, Achievement, and Growth.



Our passion fuels our Innovation, Empowerment, Learning, Enthusiasm, and Excellence.



Teamwork is our strength, embodied in Collaboration, Respect, Supportiveness, and Unity.

At Atlas Pacific International


To assist our clients in achieving a high level of value that sets new standards in the flooring solutions applications.

Striving for perfection, we efficiently deliver dependable, world-class flooring solutions.

With a focus on delivering unmatched value and exceptional flooring solutions, we strive to surpass customer expectations and solidify our global leadership.

We commit to fostering a workplace culture that attracts, develops, and retains top talent. Through continuous learning and development, we empower our team to innovate, enhancing our standing as a global leader in flooring solutions.

We are committed to optimizing our financial resources, ensuring sustainable growth, and facilitating investment in cutting-edge flooring solutions, aiming to fortify our stance as a global industry leader.

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