Consulting Services for Floors

• Floor Detailing and Specification Assistance
• Interpretation of floor flatness tolerances
• Joints for concrete pavements and warehouse floors
• On-site support/inspections and
• Advice for project management
• On-site contractor coaching and training
• Floor Measurement
• Help with floor problems and repairs
• Expert witness testimony
• Forensic investigations
• Focus on warehouse, retail, factories
• Industrial pavements and high rise

ANCON’s Key Objectives for its Clients with Floor Consultancy are:

1. Get it right the first time
2. Minimise ongoing maintenance
3. Build a monolithic slab on grade floor either with or without the application of topping screed or shake-on hardener
4. Build elevated floors in high-rise buildings and eliminate the need for topping screeds reduce/eliminate grinding while keeping the use of levelling compounds to the absolute minimum
5. Build a floor that needs no grinding
6. Impart knowledge to contractors in Asia and Middle East that enables contractors to build the highest quality floors with the world’s best practice and to the highest standard

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